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Both ‘care’ and ‘society’ are nuanced concepts that can be approached both practically and philosophically. Effective approaches to care, repair and wellbeing involve pragmatic methods and ideologies towards becoming well enough to live life fully. A functioning, healthy society can be both a fundamental tool in realising this and the outcome, an ouroboros of caring abundance.

Nebulous communities affected by political shifts, altered geographies and ethical reconsiderations become more or less capable of adapting to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of their members. Like the delicate ecosystems of nature, what once was a functioning and prosperous environment can very quickly become stale and ineffective.

How can we shape society to be more adept in the processes of care? How do we assess what differs and is similar in these societies? What roles does care have within communities? How will these societies change in the future and what does this mean for the ‘caring society’? How do you promote, develop or support the care needs of others without making assumptions about these needs?

Students here have addressed an aspect of this topic through dynamic active dialogue with colleagues from other disciplines. This has resulted in sub themes including health and wellbeing, neurodiversity, mental health, inclusive design, the social model of disability, healthcare, medicalisation, pandemics, death and ageing.

With careful reflection on the ethical dimensions of their intentions and actions, each group has investigated the potential for the creative arts to respond, engage, mobilise or deepen awareness of the needs for a more caring society.

Six clear plastic sleeves arranged in a grid against a black background, each sleeve containing vegetation

31 Projects for Caring Society

Digital Roots

Uniting artists and designers in a creative exploration of how gardening can foster mental wellbeing.
Caring SocietyMental Health