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Artists and Merchants Card Game

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Our group chose to conduct research around the LGBTQ community, and we decided to use a game as the final group response.

Our research started with a sensitive topic seldom spoken of by older people and we found that LGBT is a topic that older people are more reluctant to talk about. LGBT older people also face increased social pressure and may suffer from both homophobia and age discrimination due to a generational gap, contemporary knowledge and age, among other reasons. After conducting many interviews and community research, we decided to design a card game to encourage people from sexual minorities to express themselves in a relaxed and comfortable way with their families and friends, and to reduce embarrassment.

We printed out the cards and invited friends to play with us and received some feedback. We edited it into a video and submitted it because it showed people's real reactions in a more visual way.

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Gam Introduction
Game cards, clue cards and chips
Cards and ChipsGame cards, clue cards and chips
Game Cards
Game Cards
Three different interaction options on the back of the card
Interaction optionsThree different interaction options on the back of the card
Game testing
Game testing