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3D computer graphics image of an imaginary environment with red fish and jelly fish

AcrossRCA is an interdisciplinary College-wide unit which supports students in responding to the complexity of an uncertain, changing world.

In collaborative teams, spanning the RCA’s four schools, students were challenged to use their intellect and imagination to respond to urgent contemporary themes. Throughout this showcase platform students have developed innovative and disruptive thinking, critically reflecting on their responsibilities as both creative practitioners and citizens of planet Earth.

This engagement with multifaceted perspectives and practices is designed both to complement students’ disciplinary studies and broaden their peer network at the College, enabling them to thrive beyond graduation.

Importantly, the work on this platform demonstrates the contribution that the creative arts can make to our understanding and experience of the world around us.


Students have responded to the following four interdisciplinary themes, which acted as prompts to instigate meaningful and ambitious collaboration across programmes and disciplines. The results of these projects are further broken down into sub themes which highlight emergent considerations within these wider topics.

Yiremiye Yilixiati
Innovation Design Engineering (MA)
Mengyao Geng
Fashion (MA) 1YR