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Naixin Shi

This project is related to the posthuman world,where we see through the eyes of insects in the VR experience.

As an interior and architecture designer, I specialize in middle and small-sized projects, especially building reuse. This project help me focus on a more macro perspective, especially the environmental issues brought about by technological changes. The design of space can also be related to the survival and adaptation of animals such as insects to their environment. If an urban plan does not consider the needs and survival environment of animals and causes damage to the environment, it may negatively affect the survival of animals, of which insects are just one example among many. The future of insects' living space in post-human times depends on the impact of humans on the environment, as well as their own evolution. If the spatial design of cities takes into account the needs of insects, for example by building more green buildings and sufficient gardens, they will provide a more friendly environment for insects to live in. This not only helps to preserve the diversity of insects but also helps people to better understand these interesting creatures. Therefore, the planning of urban space is closely related to the living environment of insects. This project has triggered a lot of thoughts about the environment and the future. 

Degree Details

School of Architecture

Interior Design (MA) 1YR


The Posthuman Microbotanical

A virtual sensory experience formed with generative AI tools that places the viewer into the surreal perspective of an insect

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