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The Posthuman Microbotanical

A virtual sensory experience formed with generative AI tools that places the viewer into the surreal perspective of an insect
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The Posthuman Microbotanical aims to capture posthumanist principles from both technological and natural viewpoints. This virtual sensory experience takes these two views and uses the digital to inform upon the natural, extending the human sensory.

We’ve taken a known issue in the natural world - light pollution and its effect on insects - and used generative AI tools to form a virtual environment, placing the viewer’s perspective into that of a digital insect.

Posthumanism is an idea that seeks to challenge human-centric perspectives and aims to explore the implications of advanced technologies on our understanding of what it means to be human. The project's approach to posthumanism is two-fold: a focus on the digital entities that extend us and a focus on the natural world that envelops us.

Throughout the experience, the visual elements shift, going beyond the “pure” natural and giving the viewer a simulation of a more non-human, insect-like experience and building upon the possibility of posthumanism in the present.

Jeremy Coutinho