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Electric Elves

Product Design & APP Design
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A Digital city is connected to the internet and equipped with technological platforms for information and communications management. A smart city uses this digital connectivity to help cities improve the urban environment and quality of life through better management. Building on the development of the digital and smart city, Electric Elves are artificially intelligent drones that gather and process huge amounts of data and information, offering new services to city dwellers on their walks in the dark in reducing the urban crime rate. Elves are distributed throughout the city, and together they weave a digital city safety network designed to accompany and protect night walkers in place of the role of family, friends, and police.  

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Electric Elves is a smart platform system to ensure the safety of residents' lives

Electric Elves consists of a security network database, front-end intelligent robots, robot base stations, and a user app. It connects urban residents, streets, communities, police stations, and governments to build a huge security system network.

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Why Red Telephone Booth? — The Fading Memory of London

The Red telephone box is the most recognizable cultural symbol in Britain.

The telephone box witnessed the happiness and sadness of the British people and accompanied them through the Great Recession, World War II, the 1950s of material scarcity, the 1960s of economic recovery, the Thatcher privatization period, and so on. Today, when everyone has a mobile phone, the telephone booth has been gradually eliminated.

Transforming these telephone boxes into Elve's charging station can not only revitalize the phone boxes but also greatly reduce the cost of our project. According to the population density in London, an average of 40 people have one telephone box, and a telephone box can accommodate 15 Electric Elves. These telephone boxes will be installed in the city block of London. The number of telephone boxes in the streets beside the railway and in the areas with high incidences should be higher. They could build a digital security network to protect the safety of residents. 

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Company — simulate the plant/animal/people (like pets) — reduce the user’s fear — advanced AI robot that talks with the user when they are unaccompanied, or connects to video calls with friends via elve’s own camera and microphone when users have friends to talk to. Warning — the user is not alone, the product can record videos and contact with police — reducing the criminal