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Shuyue Li

Shuyue Li

Shuyue Li is a digital artist and visual designer based in London, Beijing, and Wuhan. Her work is always elegant and sensitively researched. She is keen to explore the practical help or psychological comfort brought by visual communication and digital media and try to use more technology and visual language to solve people's needs when facing social dilemmas in the future. She also pays great attention to cultural heritage because it is the spiritual treasure of the human world. She always responds to social change and hopes to share more stories in digital media to communicate more diverse ideas, cultures, and values.

Her research interests include:

  • Visualisation of literary works (film, animation, music)
  • The historical and cultural heritage of all nationality
  • Narrative forms in different media

Major Skills: 

  • 3D image design, 3D animation, Digital image synthesis, Film and television advertising creativity
  • VR interactive design, VR film
  • UI/UX design, Multimedia design, Poster design, Logo design

Self Assessment:

  • Strong learning ability and a sound basis of professional knowledge
  • A sense of social responsibility for work and volunteering
  • Optimistic thinking, Calm, Friendly

Degree Details

School of Communication

Digital Direction (MA) 1YR