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Carrying Care

Experimental moving image and photography project exploring objects of care.
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Making the invisible visible. 

Care is often invisible yet it is the key to the circle of life. It’s capacity is part of human nature, it is the basis for love, attachment and for a sense of belonging.

A pinhole camera was built to photograph inanimate hidden objects that people carry with them on a daily basis that have sentimental value. We chose a pinhole camera because it takes time and care to make as well as time and care to take a picture. We photographed these meaningful objects being held in the hands of their keeper to add a human, relatable element to our photos and to also reveal personality and tell a story. The end product is a video of these intervened photos alongside a short story of the object and what care means to each person.

Illustration of daily objects and a person showing a bidirectional relationship with arrows.

Why Carrying Care?

Why are we so scared to care? Even though we carry with us objects of care every day. What are those objects? And what are the stories behind them? Our relationship with the material culture that surrounds us has always been examined, but dissecting how these objects represent care in our current society is something worth exploring. The bidirectional nature of our connection with objects displays the diverse and transversal nature of care that we carry around with us, hidden in our pockets, bags or wallets. We should celebrate these microcosmoses of care. They represent a wider dimension of it that has been forced to be hidden through our stigmatised rejection of vulnerability. "Carrying care" is a photographic archive of these objects of care that we bring with us every day and their stories, told by their carriers, of a wide range of identities and captured carefully for their display.

See the full process on the document below.

Carrying care 2023