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Emotional Transparency

What happens when technology allows people to 'see' each other's emotions? We speculated on the coming future of communication.
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It is said that humanity is characterised by its high degree of empathy and socialisation. Digitalisation has changed human communication drastically, but the means of expressing emotions have not evolved from language and facial expressions. However, recent advances in neuroscience and AI are making it possible to sense emotions from brain waves, which can dramatically transform our emotional communication in the future.

In this project, we aimed to initiate conversations about the future of communication by illustrating a future world where people can 'see' each other's emotions as graphics displayed above their heads with the imaginary product named 'EmoAura'.

Project outcomes include:

  • Future Scenarios of ‘emotional transparency’, consisting of short movies and descriptions
  • Emotional Graphics Chart as a visualisation of diverse emotions
  • AR Filter as UI for the future product 'EmoAura'
  • Exhibition for initiating conversations about the future of communication
Maciek Worosilak
Scenario 01 - 'At a Campus'
Scenario 02 - 'At Work'
Scenario 03 - 'At a Gallery'
Based on scientific research, we mapped emotions onto three axes - Valence, Arousal and Dominance - and developed a new methodology to express diverse emotions by graphics representing those three parameters through colour patterns, surface shapes and movements, respectively.
We created an AR filter to display emotional graphics above the audience's heads to demonstrate what the world looks like when emotional transparency is realised with the imaginary device named 'EmoAura'.
We held an exhibition to showcase our works and let people experience the future of 'emotional transparency'.