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Digital art, dimension available, 2023
Being DigitalIdentity

In the modern age, our digital identities have become integral to our existence. These digital identities are not just a reflection of our physical selves, but a space where we can experiment with new forms of being, connect with others, and create new realities. However, this freedom comes at a cost, often requiring repressing or distorting aspects of our “real” identities. This tension between our digital and physical selves raises philosophical questions about the nature of identity and the impact of technology on our lives.

Through this project, we aim to explore these philosophical questions and examine the complexities of contemporary identity formation in the digital age. Our project seeks to critically reflect on the ethical and social implications of our digital presence, as well as the ways in which our digital gaze shapes and distorts our perceptions of ourselves and others. In creating our artwork, we will use insights and materials generated through interviews and creative activities to explore the contradictions and tensions inherent in digital and physical identities. 

The final digital sculpture is a reflection of the complex nature of our digital identity, which is no longer limited to a singular, static entity but is constantly evolving with time. The sculpture conveys the message that our online identities are multifaceted, with various dimensions and possibilities for growth and development.

The abstracted and deformed human head in the sculpture represents the diverse nature of our digital identities, with each face representing a unique aspect of our online persona. The multiple faces also signify the constant evolution and transformation of our digital identity, as we adapt to the changing technological landscape. 

The choice of using rough stone as the material- al for the sculpture is deliberate, as it symbolizes the enduring nature of our digital identity in the modern world. The segmentation of black and white adds contrast to the sculpture and creates a clear distinction between the virtual and real world, emphasizing the duality of our digital identity.

Overall, the sculpture aims to convey the message that our digital identity is a constantly evolving entity that has multiple facets, which opens up new possibilities for the future of digital identity.

The sculpture invites viewers to reflect on their own digital identity and how it has evolved over time, as well as consider the potential for growth and development in the digital world.