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Artifacting WIP

An artefact that captures the unseen work of WIP show 2023.A digital and physical curation of unseen WIP work by RCA students.
Being DigitalCommunication

Since the beginning of the term, we started exploring the possibilities of being digital from the perspective of future curation of arts in the digital age. In particular, we raised questions regarding digital art and its tangibility, ownership, audience, creation, reality, age, memory, and collective participation, and more importantly, the democratization of art. Our aim was to create an object or artifact that would serve as a key to access the hidden artistic value and philosophy of this work. This would eventually become a form of art that anyone could view, purchase, and access. Taking into account that we live in a world heavily reliant on digital technologies and media, it is an innovative approach to curating that challenges traditional notions of art ownership. At the end of the project, we hoped that this could contribute to a broader discussion about digital art, its curation, and its future in an ever-evolving art market. 

Using the WIP 2023 work for this year, we aim to produce a digital and physical curation of unseen WIP work by RCA students. Rather than the selected work carefully curated by the WIP website we will produce an artefact that captures the unseen work in its moment of production in both a digital and tangible format. Rather than ownership manifesting in blockchain. The ownership and viewership manifests itself in one beautiful object, art in itself but mysteriously embedding art within. 

The project seeks to produce questions on digital art, its curation, its ownership, its tangibility, its viewership, its creation, its reality, its age, its memory and its collective involvement. The democratization of the art in one object. An artefact that can be accessible by all, viewed by all and owned by all. Using digital technologies we are providing counterpoints and points to an emerging subjectivity.