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Yun Hyeong Park

Abstract sculpture, posters, installations, 3d cnc, ai art

Inflated Object(s) : Language-Visual Translation Artwork

Yun Hyeong Park(He/His) is an installation artist and visual communicator from South Korea. Park's motivation for exploring hybrid ways of making, stems from the question: what kind of artist does he want to be in a world full of new media and technologies, such as Midjourney and ChatGPT? He aspires to become a communicator who can tell stories beyond existing boundaries.

Park completed a BA in Woodworking & Furniture Design and Visual Communication at Hongik University, Seoul and worked as an art director in a creative agency for six years. Currently pursuing an MA in Royal College of Art Information Experience Design, his hybrid experiences in woodworking, furniture crafting, graphic design, and AI art have allowed him to explore and deeply understand how the physical properties of materials affect the end result.

His current project explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D, combining his skills as both visual and creative AI. He is working on translating text to 2D image and 2D image to physical objects with AI tools and 3D CNCs. This research aims to explore various methods of translating virtual objects on a screen into objects with weight and texture. Through this translation work, Park hopes to question the gap between image data that he encounters on a daily basis and the reality of physical objects. 

Additionally, Park is interested in exploring the possibility of tools and researching the results produced when a tool is utilized for a completely different purpose. The same tool could show another possibility when used in a different way, and he is eager to explore this idea further.

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