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TAP into Water

Empowering Communities to Tackle Urban Flooding and Climate Change through Participatory Awareness
Climate Crisis

Our project tackles the pressing issue of urban flooding and the impact of climate change by adopting a participatory approach to raise awareness. To achieve this, we will use an affordable, accessible, and sustainable product called "The Poppy" that collects data on the quality and quantity of rainfall in contextual urban environments. The Poppy will be deployed as a service to help younger generations around the world learn about the issue through the Poppy Seed curriculum.

The Poppy's data on rainfall will be used to create an experiential learning environment for students, enabling them to understand the causes and effects of urban flooding. Through the Poppy Seed curriculum, students will learn how to analyse and interpret the collected data and gain insights into how to mitigate the impact of urban flooding. This participatory approach will engage students, teachers, and communities in understanding and addressing the issue of urban flooding and promoting awareness and action on climate change.