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Justice Equality and MisinformationGender

In a popular culture dominated by patriarchy, many games are gendered, no matter concerns story background, players or game characters. Women and men are both be limited by the social gender norms, and women are more marginalized and suppressed than men. Women are perceived to prefer easier games, while men are considered suitable for mastering professional gaming equipment and preferring games in the genres of competitive, bloodthirsty and aggressive, which belong to traditional masculinity. According to the current phenomenon of game field, there are still stereotype of words to describe women, like “pink, simulation, sexy, weak, romantic, docile, slow, evil, etc.” The gendering of games limits the natural development of gender. The game makes rules to divide itself into two different parts, which both have obviously gender-oriented characteristics. Women and men can hardly to break such boundary, and they are stuck into game’s gendering trap. If women play traditional male-oriented games, they may be discriminated to a large extent, and vice versa. There is not an inclusive and unlimited cultural environment of game field, it is full of binary norms.

The most classic and famous description of the androgynous form is the myth described in "The Book of Drinking"(Plato, 385-375 B.C.)by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristophanes, drawing on the speeches of the ancient Greek playwright. He explains the origin of "human" in this way:” Whereas people nowadays have two genders (male and female), in the ancient world there were three: male, female and the 'androgynous'. The male comes from the sun, the female from the earth and the 'androgynous' from the moon. These primitive people had two faces, two pairs of mouths and noses, four arms and four legs and two sets of genitals and ran and rolled like acrobats with their eight arms and legs. The primitives were so powerful that they even attempted to ram and overthrow the gods. Zeus intended to strike them all down with lightning but feared that the gods would lose their sacrifices if humanity perished; in the end, Zeus decided to divide each human being in two: each male into two men, each female into two women, and each 'androgynous' into one man and one woman. Since then, everyone has been searching for the other half from which they were first divided, and thus three kinds of people exist: gay, lesbian and heterosexual.” 

The story in our work: In this fantasy game universe, there is a creature that has both male and female characteristics, they are very powerful, they are favoured by nature, but this their presence and power threaten the authority of the supreme god of the universe, so it begins a career of escape, once captured, they are split in two, becoming a single gender disabled creature, forever trapped in the pain of finding the other half of the soul.