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Among The Reeds

An art installation & documentation of the river Leh explored through material-based storytelling.
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Among The Reeds

The River Lea was used as a case study, because of its rich history, the obvious effects of human interference with it and the accessibility of its location.

Our aim was to bring people’s attention to the presence of waste in the River Lea in a poetic way and inspire people to reflect upon the health of the river. The textile artwork is made using materials collected directly from the river and its surroundings. The materials consist both of physical items such as waste and plant debris and of field recordings. We used the collected materials to create a series of cyanotype prints that are experienced in combination with a sound work made from the field recordings. 

The installation is a documentation of the river explored through material-based storytelling. By using materials directly from the river we hope to draw people’s attention to the effect of human activity on the health of the river. Looking at the state of the river from the river’s perspective, the audience can engage with its present day narrative and be a quiet witness to its tale. Through the artwork we hope to open up a conversation around the idea of bringing healing to rivers and the environment.

Akanksha Bonsra
Kristina Kapilin
Linnea Duckworth
Xiaotong Lai
Yuxin Han
Yuxin Peng