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Susanne Baumann

Absence 2022/23, oil on canvas, 80 x 155 cm

As an interdisciplinary artist, I position my creative practices in drawing, painting, printmaking, moving images and sculpturing. I find myself engaged with the making process, and combined with my natural curiosity - my work evolves into ideas around the human body, mental health and human emotions.

These themes are the basis of my artistic evaluation. In the 1970s, feminist artists "considered the body as the point where nature and culture meet, where difference is both biological and culturally projected, and therefore viewed as a site of struggle." Due to my encounter with Stephan Perdekamp and the Perdekamp Emotional Method about nine years ago, emotions and the human body have since played a significant role in my life, especially in how culture and society influence our behaviour and expression of emotions. After an emotional connection and reflection, this research is the engine that drives me and which I would like to discover further.

I'm interested in exploring what is possible, that can create a dimensional illusion – emotional and spatial. I understand my work as an expanded practice within the realm of painting. In the future, I would like to canvas other ways to transport the inner conflict and torment of human beings that are not visible. My current work explores the dimension of dementia and the feeling of loss. With my work, I want to sensitise others that emotions are a necessary part of our lives and must be expressed for our well-being.

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Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA) 1YR